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POC Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Provides the Best Solution for Point of Care Testing

The skyla HB1 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer provides clinical testing laboratories of medical facilities and clinics with an in-vitro clinical chemistry diagnostic tool that is compact, portable, and reports rapid results. The portable design of the clinical chemistry analyzer utilizes precision photometric measurement technology, combined with the single-use disposable reagent discs. The reagent disc contains a set of dry assay reagents that are used in the quantitative testing of various biomarkers in the blood sample.

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics

The VITROS XT 7600 combines dry slide technology with sophisticated digital imaging capabilities and the potential to perform two separate lab tests simultaneously. It delivers high-quality test results, higher throughput and an improved patient experience.


Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System

With a small benchtop footprint, the CL-900i is an ideal Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer for small-volume labs as well as a backup for larger diagnostic centers. It provides a throughput of up to 180t/h and 15 reagent positions. The CL-900i is a state-of-the-art system that is compact, fast and accurate, offering automation and reliable performance to ensure quality results with minimal hands-on time. Mindray has received CE mark for CLIA infectious disease assays including HIV and HBV tests.

Erba M

The XL 180 features a compact bench top design with a wide test menu. It offers reagent savings and comes with features such as auto dilution and auto rerun, and Levey Jennings program and QC rules.


Carolina Liquid Chemistries

The EasyRA now offers double the throughput, operating at a photometric rate of up to 240 tests per hour or up to 480 tests per hour with ISE. The test menu consists of 14 urine drugs of abuse tests and 35 general chemistry tests.

CAL 6000
New Generation Cellular Analysis Line

Hematology automation 

  • NRBC in every CBC without extra reagents
    • Accessible benchtop package for automated hematology testing
    • Fast throughput of 220 tests per hour and 120 slides per hour
    • Supporting test of 801.11 micro peripheral blood, as well as automated body fluids tests
    • Equipped with labXpert software for automated data analysis and validation
    • Automated rerun and reflex



The ready-to-use surface with synthetic fibronectin-derived motifs supports cell attachment by mimicking native ECM proteins. The surface supports long-term expansion of hiP-SCs over 25 passages and is suitable for hM-SCs and other ECM-dependent cells.


The ARCHITECT C8000 offers a throughput of up to 1,200 tests per hour and features a load-up capacity of 215 samples with 35 priority positions. It has up to 121 refrigerated reagent positions, plus a consistent STAT turnaround time.


The BL 1200 ID can be used with any analytical platform and features a bulk loader that eliminates manual sorting and pre-r cMng. It accessions and sorts up to 1,200 tubes per hour without pre-racking for walk-away preanalytical processing.


The AL-Flex increases throughput by separating aliquoting from other prep and can process up to 3 0 primary tubes per hour. It can create as many secondary tubes as the sample volume allows and labels each tube with customer-specific data.




Siemens Xprecia Stride™ Coagulation Analyser

1The ergonomically designed Xprecia Stride™ is packed with technology designed to make near-patient INR testing more convenient and more accurate than ever.Using the same Dade® Innovin® reagents as Siemens’ range of laboratory analysers, the Xprecia Stride performs automated calibration and uses two on-strip quality control checks to ensure confidence in every test. The lightweight, comfortable handheld unit is suitable for frequent use in various settings, including in practice, pharmacies, hospitals and within domiciliary care.

Xprecia Stride Coagulation System – analyzer:     2224,00 Euro /3018,00 USD


SMN Description EUR/USD
10714595 Stride Analyzer Kit 1688,00/2291,00
11064957 XPRECIA PT/INR REAGENT KIT LANG GRP 2 278,00/377,00
10873436 PT Liquid Quality Control Kit 68,00/93,00



Olympus OLA 2500, ABBOTT Cell-Dyn Sapphire/Ruby, Radiometer: ABL 77, ABL 80 Flex, Dade Behring BCT, Siemens: Clinitek 500, Clinitek Advantus, Clinitek Status, DCA 2000, DCA 2000+, Rapidchem 744, Rapidpoint 340/350/400/405, Sysmex: CA 560, KX21/KX 21N, Maldi Tof Micromass

Model Serial No. Year Equipment Type Description (including condition) Weight Dimensions   Price Location (town)
Olympus OLA 2500   Chemistry As is 28/26/40 2000 € Przeźmierowo

                 Zdjęcie1698                     Zdjęcie1695                   Zdjęcie1699

ABBOTT Cell-Dyn Sapphire   Hematology As is 170 76/122/81 3000 € Przeźmierowo

                           Zdjęcie0646                Zdjęcie0615                 Zdjęcie0616

ABBOTT Cell-Dyn Ruby   Hematology As is 105 50/87/77 5000 € Przeźmierowo


Radiometer ABL 77 201012   Blood Gas As is 7(kg) 28/26/40 500€ Przeźmierowo

                                     ABL77.1           ABL77.5           ABL77.2           ABL77.3

1. unit available

Radiometer ABL 80 Flex 304711   Blood Gas As is 7 24/29/40 2000 € Przeźmierowo

                                   ABL80.1        ABL80.2         ABL80.3         ABL80.4

1. unit available

Dade Behring BCT 360862   Coagulology As is 68 104/51/50 200 € Przeźmierowo

                                       BCT.1         BCT.2           BCT.5

1. unit available


Clinitek 500 

1009536   Urine analyzer As is 7.4 40/32/28 400 € Przeźmierowo

                          clinitek500.6        clinitek500.1        clinitek500.2         clinitek500.4

19 pcs available – s/n: 1007926, 1003007, 1003010, 1006788 1008753, 1008243, 1014092, 1004908, 1007390, 1006884, 1009410, 1005102, 1003896, 1008422, 1006261, 1006835, 1003680, 1005103

Siemens Clinitek Advantus IRL 03080713   Urine analyzer As is 7.2 31/32/34 1000 € Przeźmierowo

                                     Advantus.1       Advantus.2       Advantus.3        Zdjęcie1224

18 pcs available – s/n: KWL 21300909, WL06040720, KPS 61741249, KWL16530837, IRL03040713, KWL23670922, KWL 1650837, KWL07040740, IRL03200714, KWL2409024, KWL07740745, KWL23590921, KWL08260748, KWL15590834, WL21360909, KWL26890938, IRL01630706

Siemens Clinitek Status 30520   Urine analyzer As is 2.3 31/32/34 400 € Przeźmierowo

                         Status2        Status1        Status3        Status6

16 pcs available – s/n: 40087, 30544, 30520, sn01938, 65750, sn08812, sn08814, 32060, 22606, sn08813, 43284, 35533, 30500, 38648, 48340

Siemens Clinitek Atlas (Carousel) 111753 9.14.11 Urine analyzer As is 65 65/46/73 1500 € Przeźmierowo

                      ClinitekAtlas1.1        ClinitekAtlas1.3        ClinitekAtlas1.4        ClinitekAtlas2.1

4 pcs available – s/n: 110261, 110262, 7246150023, 50340610

Siemens DCA    2000 5031B101108   Hematology As is 5 25/24/25 150 € Przeźmierowo

                   DCA2000.1        DCA2000.2        DCA2000.3        DCA2000.ALL

3 pcs available – s/n: 5031C212008, 5031B900599

Siemens DCA 2000+  5031C206789   Hematology As is 5 25/24/25 150 € Przeźmierowo

                    DCA2000+.1        DCA2000+.3        DCA2000+.4        DCA2000+.ALL

7 pcs available – s/n: 5031C208137, 5031C203356, 5031C204380, 5031C201609, 5031C206762, 5031C210829

Siemens Rapidchem744 sn0109041021   Electrolytes As is 7.3 36/18/32 400 € Przeźmierowo

                            RAPIDCHEM.1           RAPIDCHEM.2           RAPIDCHEM.4

Siemens Rapidpoint 350 sn0809031004   Blood Gas As is 15 18/34/38 400 € Przeźmierowo

                      rapidpoint350.3      rapidpoint350.1     rapidpoint350.4      rapidpoint350.A..1

7 pcs available – s/n: 509031034, sn0211031005, 510031070, sn0811031020, 809031018, 809031005, 1011031003, 210031019, 510031013, 211031004, 809031016, 509031051

Siemens Rapidpoint 340 sn0409030010   Blood Gas As is 15 36/19/32 400 € Przeźmierowo

                            Rapidpoint 340.1        Rapidpoint 340.3        Rapidpoint 340.4

1 unit available

Siemens Rapidpoint 400 sn03725   Blood Gas As is 15 29/40/46 400 € Przeźmierowo

                                Rapidpoint400.3         Rapidpoint400.1        Rapidpoint400.2

1 unit available

Siemens Rapidpoint 405 sn04044   Blood Gas As is 15 29/40/46 400 € Przeźmierowo

                                Rapidpoint 405.1        Rapidpoint 405.2         Rapidpoint 405.3

1 unit available

Sysmex CA 560 A3077 04/2007 Coagulology As is 45 53/47/48 2200 € Przeźmierowo

                    SYSMEXCA560.2.1       SYSMEXCA560.3.1       SYSMEXCA560.1.1

3 units available- sn: A3077, A2247, A2860

SYSMEX KX 21  A2876   Hematology 3 units Fully refurbished, cleaned, tested. Complete as new/ 2 units AS IS 45 41/34/48 3 000 € Przeźmierowo

               KX21refurbished      KX21refurbished2      KX21AS.IS.2

5 units available- sn (3 units refurbished, 2 units As is): 13353, 13845, AA3354, AA3380

SYSMEX KX 21N B7288 10.2008 Hematology 2 units Fully refurbished, cleaned, tested. Complete as new / 4 units as is 45 41/34/48 3 500 € Przeźmierowo

                      Zdjęcie1231       KX21N.1       KX21N.2

6 units available (2 units refurbished, 4 units As is) – sn: A5318, A2944, A5321, A2974, 11079

Maldi Tof MicroMass sn001035   Mass Spectrometer As is 200 64/130/45 3 000 € Przeźmierowo

                         MALDITOFF.1         MALDITOFF.2         MALDITOFF.4

1 Unit available