Termobial Warm universal medical warmer is a medical device designed to warm up infusion fluids, diuretics, most currently used reagent, hospital clothes and bedding.
Termobial Warm universal medical warmer is designed to be used in:
➢ operating theatres
➢ intensive care wards
➢ oncology and neurology wards
➢ emergency rooms
➢ other hospital wards where it is required to use warm medicinal products and medical devices.

Termobial Warm universal medical warmer is a medical device designed for safe warming of fluids and medicines to be administered to a patient in form of intravenous infusion or for cleaning body cavities during surgeries. Additionally, the warmer is designed to warm up a wide variety of products and materials used to minimise the risk of patients’ getting hypothermia.

Termobial Warm universal medical warmer is designed for:
– Warming up fluids for cleaning body cavities during surgeries
➢ Warming up fluids for intravenous infusions
➢ Warming up anaesthetics – as needed
➢ Warming up hospital clothes and bedding
➢ Warming up surgical drapings
➢ Warming up surgical instruments
➢ Warming up compresses
➢ Warming up products for nursing of patients that are immobilised or confined to bed
➢ Warming up lavaseptic products
➢ Warming up newborn feeds
➢ Assisting patient warming systems
➢ Assisting systems protecting from hypothermia or reducing of body temperature
➢ Assisting in infusion-based therapies

Work modes:
➢ Automatic – allows setting up the operation schedule of the device to fit planned surgeries or for unmanned operation. In this mode, the device automatically turns itself on, warms up the contents of the warming chamber to preset temperature and turns itself off. Ability to set the turn on/off time and temperature at once minimises the need for human supervision and frequency of changes to the settings. When the medical warmer operates in automatic mode, the AUTO pilot light is lit on the panel.
➢ Manual – in this mode the user manually (with a button) turns the device on and off, as well as sets up the temperature. After being turned on, the device will work until turned off. The manual mode should be used for continuous, 24h operation of the device. When the medical warmer operates in manual mode, the AUTO pilot light is off.
➢ Keyboard lock – the device is secured against change of settings. Keyboard lock mode can be enabled and disabled by the user while starting up the device. Enabled keyboard lock mode is signalled by blinking decimal dot on the main screen of the device. If the keyboard lock is enabled, it is impossible to change to accidently change the settings of the device. Changing settings was described in detail in the paragraph concerning enabling the keyboard lock.

The device has been equipped with function keys allowing setting up work time and mode, as well as setting the time when the device is to automatically start and end warming its contents. Screens and pilot lights provide the user with various information, like the mode of operation or performance status.

Technical data


  • UPM01-S 400x400x600
  • UPM01-M 400x600x800
  • UPM02-L 560x700x940

Nominal voltage: 230 V AC
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power / electricity consumption
with 1 chamber in active mode: 150 W / 0,73 A
Power / electricity comsumption
with 1 chamber in standby mode: 20 W / 0,07 A

Protection class: I

Warner opened warning” Visual and audio (a minute after the device has been opened)

Temperature range for infusion fluids: 28⁰C – 41⁰C

Temperature range for clothing: 42⁰C – 70⁰C