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The Wadiana® is a fully automated compact instrument, designed and manufactured by Grifols, to process DG Gel® cards in pretransfusion compatibility tests.  Since no two immunohematology laboratories are identical, Grifols offers a wide range of different instruments that are specifically tailored to suit different processing needs.

One of Grifols most widely used instruments is the Wadiana® analyzer. It is the ideal instrument for taking the all-important step forward from manual to automatic processing. The analyzer optimizes patient safety by reducing the possibility of errors and providing you with full traceability. The results are precise and reliable and processing is much easier with this fully automated analyzer.

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 The Wadiana® analyzer has achieved international acclaim; it is considered the instrument of reference for fully automated pretransfusion compatibility testing. The Wadiana® is the right choice for your laboratory.

Intelligent design

  • Convenient, space-saving bench top model
  • Automated processing frees up operator time and resources
  • User-friendly graphical interface

Proven performance

  • Medium throughput capacity, up to 48 samples
  • Gel agglutination technique provides proven accuracy and reliability
  • Bi-directional connectivity to LIS to reduce errors from manual data entry

Customizable workflow

  • Unique, 8-column gel cards with multiple test configurations
    • ABO/Rh type forward and reverse
    • Antibody screening (pooled cell, 2 cell, and 3 cell)
    • Antibody identification
    • Cross-matching (Immediate spin or IgG)
    • Direct antiglobulin technique
    • Kell typing
    • Donor confirmation
  • Partially used gel cards are stored for later use, eliminating wasted gel cards/test columns
  • Flexibility to run tests in batch mode, customize by sample/ tests, and handle priority requests

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