Siemens and Abbott medical devices on ASAMED: IMMULITE 1000, ADVIA 1200/1800/2120i/CENTAUR CP, Sysmex CA560 (9/2018)


At the bottom of this page You find the latest list of medical equipment from SIEMENS – as always devices are after contract, inspected, deinstalated and in very good condition, mostly in original Siemens boxes, with relative accessories.

REMEMBER – this is the latest list from Siemens, but we have much more analyzers in stock. For example we have:

IMMUNOLOGY: 8 pcs of Immulite 1000 already in the warehouse , Immulite ONE – 4 pcs,  ABBOTT Architect i1000SR/ i2000SR, Advia Centaur XP, Tosoh AIA 360

BIOCHEMISTRY: Rapidlab 3498/348EX, Beckmann Coulter DxC 600, Olympus AU: 400/640/2700, Dimension RXL Max, Roche Hitachi 7020/7170, Konbelab 20, Konelab 60, Prestige 24i

HEMATOLOGY: Abbott Celldyn: 1300/1700cs/3200/3200SL/3700, CellDyn RUBY & Emerald, Sysmex KX 21/21N, Sysmex XP 300, Sysmex XT 1800I/2000i, Sysmex XS 1000i

COAGULOLOGY: IL ACL 100/200, ACL TOP 700, Sysmex 540/560/, Sysmex CA 1500, CS 2100i AND MUCH MORE!