ARCHITECT ci4100, Biorad D10, Cobas E411, Sysmex CA 560: MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SALE on ASAMED!

 LABORATORY ANALYZERS still working on the lab room – available for buyers!

Good working condition:

ARCHITECT ci4100 / Biorad D10 / Cobas E411 / Sysmex CA 560 / Sysmex k4500 

Clinitek ADVANTUS / Roche 9180 (AVL) / Microscope BIOLAR C (several units) 

 – ARCHITECT ci4100: 

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The ARCHITECT ci4100 offers a maximum throughput of up to 900 tests per hour, including 800 clinical chemistry and 100 immunoassay tests. Featuring a load-up capacity of 180 samples with 35 priority positions, the ARCHITECT ci4100 has up to 115 refrigerated reagent positions plus Integrated Chip Technology (Na+, K+ and Cl-).

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 – Biorad D10:

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A fully automated solution that combines diabetes monitoring and β-thalassemia testing on a single platform; optional rack loader adds 50-sample capacity and STAT sample processing.

– Cobas E411:

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Manufacturer: Roche Diagnostics
Type Immunology Analyzer
Parameters: 18 assays
Throughput: 88 samples/hour
Method: CLIA
Open system: Closed
W x D x H: 47X28X22 inches / 119X72X55 cm
Weight: 374 lbs / 170 kilos

– Sysmex CA 560:

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The Sysmex® CA-560 System is a compact, fully automated system featuring immunologic, coagulation, and chromogenic measurements in true random-access, allowing any sized lab to automate D-dimer testing. Offering the smallest footprint in its class, the system is ideal for low-volume laboratories or as a backup instrument to larger instruments.

– Sysmex k4500:

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The Sysmex K-4500 is a technically advanced, computerized, fully automated hematology analyzer for in vitro diagnostic use in clinical laboratories. The K-4500 provides accurate screening for patients whose hematological abnormalities indicate the need for further testing. Additionally, the analyzer can contribute in the diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring of patients.

– Clinitek ADVANTUS:

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Respond to demands for higher productivity and high quality with the CLINITEK Advantus® Analyzer. Streamline your workflow with flexible operation. Immediate start-up. Automatic calibration. Network ready. A wide range of options. Added QC features. Flexible operation to meet your needs.

– Roche 9180 (AVL):

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  • 95µL whole blood, serum, plasma, acetate or bicarbonate dialysate, or pre-diluted urine
  • Simple configuration with Yes/No dialog—no need to change reagents or replace tubing
  • Accepts collection tubes, syringes, capillaries or cuvettes
  • All reagents and waste are sealed in convenient SnapPak™
  • Monitors remaining reagent and prompts user to insert a fresh SnapPak when required
  • One-point calibration with each test; two-point, every four hours
  • On-board QC software tracks QC data, including standard deviation and C.V.
  • Stand-by mode during idle periods
  • Built-in thermal printer

– Microscope BIOLAR C (5x):

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