Computer System Launched To Manage Blood Screening Data

Computer System Launched To Manage Blood Screening Data

A computer system was launched that improves laboratory efficiency by managing test data when screening donated blood for hepatitis and retroviruses.

The new system will enable laboratories to track and trend quality control and performance of blood-screening assays and will provide laboratories with robust data capabilities through expanded archival features. It also will help blood-screening Iaboratories manage retesting of samples, produce reports, and generate statistical charts.

Called the Abbott Prism Director, the new system was launched by Abbott (Abbott Park, IL, USA; at the American Association of Blood Banks annual meeting on October 7, 2008, in Montreal, Canada. The Abbott Prism is an automated immunoassay analyzer designed to perform in vitro diagnostic donor screening for hepatitis and retroviruses. The ana­lyzer is used by blood, plasma, organ, and tissue centers in more than 30 countries to screen more than 40 million donations each year.

“The worldwide launch of the Abbott Prism Director brings an important new product to our expanding portfolio of blood-screening systems and assays and demonstrates our continued commitment to blood-screening Iaboratories and the overall safety of the blood supply,” said James Stewart, Ph.D., director of research and development, Abbott Diagnostics. “For testing facilities that use multiple or sin­gle Abbott Prism instruments, the Abbott Prism Director offers data management functionality that can significantly enhance laboratory operations.”

Abbott is a global leader in in vitro diagnostics and provides a broad range of instrument systems and tests for hospitals, reference labs, molecular labs, blood banks, physician offices, and clinics. The company’s diagnostic products offer customers automation, convenience, bedside testing, cost effectiveness, and flexibility.


Image: Abbott Prism Director by Abbott Diagnostics