Biorepository to Provide Means for Sophisticated Genetic Analysis

Biorepository to Provide Means for Sophisticated Genetic Analysis

An extensive biorepository containing a library of samples and information will allow scientists to conduct Sophisticated genetic analyses as they explore how age, genetics, and other factors impact a drug’s effectiveness.

Aurora Health Care (Milwaukee, WI, USA;, nonprofit health care provider will use Tecan’s (Mannedorf, Switzerland; Freedom EVO liquid handling platforms and REMP small size store to provide automated sample processing, cataloging, and storage for the bioreposi­tory. Dr Matt Tector, biorepository director, explained, “The project will rely on surplus blood samples taken for routine clinical tests that would otherwise go to waste. This means patients [will not] have to provide additional blood, so we expect patient consent to be high.”

Aurora, which serves a population of more than one million people, and comprises 13 hospitals over 120 outpatient clinics and approximately 140 pharmacies, is uniquely positioned to create an extensive biorepository. The hospital system expects to collect 100,000 samples a year.

Tecan is a leading global supplier of laboratory instruments and solutions for the diagnostic biopharma, and forensic industries The company specializes in the development, production, and distribution of automation solution for life science laboratories. Through its REMP subsidiary (, Tecan is the premier supplier of automated laboratory storage and logistics systems. Tecan’s clients include diagnostic laboratories, pharmaceutic and biotech companies, university research departments, and forensics laboratories.


Image: The Freedom EVO liquid handling platform (Photo courtesy of Tecan).



Beckman Coulter Expands Genomic Services with Cogenics Acquisition


Beckman Coulter (Fullerton, CA, USA;] will acquire the Cogenics (Morrisville, NC, USA; division of Clinical Data for approximately U.S. $17 million. Beckman will acquire all of Cogenics’ operations in the US, UK, France, and Germany.

Cogenics provides genomics services, such as DNA sequencing, gene expression, clinical and non-clinical genotyping, biomanufacturing support, nucleic acid extraction, and biobanking. Its services will complement those of Beckman’s Agencourt Biosciences (Beverly, MA, USA; business, which also offers genomics services and nucleic acid purification products.

Agencourt and Cogenics customers will receive a broad range of genomic services including sample preparation, genotyping, gene expression, biologics efficacy and safety testing, as well as comprehensive sequencing service offerings. Initially customers should contact the respective business where their work is being performed. The companies will strive to ensure that there will be minimal disruption to any ongoing projects in progress with either Agencourt or Cogenics.

Beckman Coulter is a leader in biomedical testing and the merged company will be positioned as a leading provider of genomic services. The busi­ness headquarters will be located in Beverly (MA, USA).