Device for exercising pelvic floor muscles


  • Completely Non-Invasive
  • Fully-clothed treatments
  • No probes or electrodes
  • Painless Therapy
For patients with:
  • urinary incontinence
  • bowel incontinence
  • weakening Kegel muscles
  • prostate problems
  • post-operative and post-natal problems
  • pelvic floor muscles problems
  • sexual dysfunction in women
  • with problems with stress incontinence
  • erection disorders in men
  • urogenital system disorders
  • problems with vaginal muscle tone

PELVIC CONTROL TRAINING provides a non-surgical, non-invasive therapy for treatment of urinary and feces incontinence, incontinence after radical prostatectomy, pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction and other sexual disturbances, hemorrhoids, vagina tonus and more. PCT can offer unique therapeutic benefits. Unlike any other therapy, PCT exercises all the muscles of the pelvic floor to rebuild strength and endurance, reestablishing bladder control.

Pelvic Control Training is based on a revolutionary technology called Extracorporeal Magnetic innervations. This technology produces highly focused pulsing magnetic field. You sit fully clothed in a comfortable chair, allowing the therapeutic fields to be easily aimed at the muscle of the pelvic floor. These muscles contract and relax each magnetic pulse from 1 to 50 times a second. In this way the muscle can be proffesionally trained and developed

Kegel exercises and Kegels in combination with biofeedback and the electrotherapy require you to actively work at isolating you pelvic floor muscle and master contracting them. All these require that wires or probes be inserted vaginal or anal and can be painful and comfortable. Normally you should train 2 times a day, 20 minutes, for at least 6 months. Pelvic Floor Therapy on the other hand, doesn’t require your participation. Exercises the muscle more completely than you could ever do on your own. A therapeutic magnetic field alone initiates muscle contractions.
The majority of patients can be significantly helped by a conservative therapy such as Pelvic Floor Therapy. And it can offer an option for patients who are at increased surgical risk due to a particular medical condition.

Magnetic impulses generated by the device are used for pelvic floor muscles training (PFMT). The device produces strong, pulsating magnetic field which affects respective nerve groups and pelvic floor muscles responsible for bladder continence control. Generated impulses induce involuntary contractions of pelvic muscles, thus training and strengthening them. In the consequence, their strength and endurance grow. The set consists of a control device and an armchair connected to it.

During the treatment the patient sits comfortably, completely dressed, in the armchair. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes and is divided into two phases. During phase one (10 minutes), 10  Hz impulses are generated. Patient adjusts their intensity depending on his or her individual sensitivity. The two phases are 2 minutes apart. During phase two (10 minutes), 50 Hz impulses are generated. the intensity of the impulses is 70 % of the power set by the patient during the first phase. the procedure is painless, the only feeling is slight vibration or tingling. With this method of treatment, improvement can be observed after 6-8 sessions. It is recommended to apply 20 sessions in a single series.