Alcohol preparation for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection and for skin disinfection.

>50 pcs – 36 EUR


Preparation based on ethyl alcohol for hygiene and surgery hand disinfection and for undamaged and uninfected disinfection skin disease; also before procedures violating continuity skin.

Active Substances

ethanol * 72 g / 100 g product

* denatured ethyl alcohol not intended for consumption


  • Full microbicidal effect in a short time
  • Immediate and prolonged action – over 3 hours
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Without the content of chlorhexidine, dyes, preservatives
  • With content of care substances
  • pH suitable for the skin


Hygienic hand disinfection: Apply clean and dry hands to 3 ml of the preparation and rub into the skin for 30 seconds, paying attention on places between fingers, nails and finger surfaces.

Surgical hand disinfection: Before disinfection, wash your hands in accordance with the principles of hand washing. Apply 3 ml to clean and dried hands the preparation and rub it into the skin of the hands and forearms for 30 seconds, paying attention to the places between the fingers, nails and

outer fingers – in accordance with the procedure of surgical disinfection of hands by rubbing.

Skin disinfection: Apply the preparation to clean, intact skin by spraying or using a gauze pad. Wipe the skin with gas and let it dry. The preparation works for 30 seconds.

Warranty period / validity: 3 years from the date of production.