SIEMENS/SYSMEX USED ANALYZERS SALE -good price and condition! IMMULITE 1000/2000 – ADVIA CENTAUR CP/XP & more!

Siemens used analyzers ready for sale: ADVIA CENTAUR CP, ADVIA CENTAUR XP, ADVIA 2120i, IMMULITE ONE, IMMULITE 1000, IMMULITE 2000/2000XPI, SMS VERSACELL & SYSMEX CS 2100i

                ADVIA CENTAUR CP                 


The ADVIA Centaur® CP Immunoassay System is a mid-volume, high-throughput bench top system that enhances your in-house test capability. With its broad menu and short Turn Around Times (TAT), you can do more — without compromising efficiency, productivity, or quality. And it features the superior sensitivity and specificity you expect of Chemiluminescent with Advanced Acridinium Ester Technology.



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Can your lab handle both routine and specialized testing without sacrificing efficiency? Can you maintain speed and accuracy for an increasingly diverse patient population? The high-performance ADVIA Centaur® XP system has more onboard reagents and dedicated STAT capabilities to maximize productivity, regardless of volume or types of tests. Always ready, continuous operation without interruption.




The Sysmex® CS-2000i/CS-2100i Systems* minimize preanalytical errors by using multi-wavelength scanning and sample liquid-sensing technologies. By using preanalytical sample integrity (PSI™) technology, the analyzers provide extra operator support—they identify and automatically manage potentially problematic test samples prior to analysis.


ADVIA 2120i

Siemens’ high-volume hematology analyzer, the ADVIA® 2120i System with Autoslide* streamlines workflow by eliminating the majority of manual steps commonly performed to maximize productivity. It delivers the gold-standard in testing methodology for optimum results while offering the simplicity and flexibility you need for easy integration into your lab.



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The IMMULITE® 1000 system is a small bench top immunoassay analyzer. The extensive menu, low cost of operation, reliability, and ease of use makes this system a great choice for laboratories with low-volume immunoassay tests.

IMMULITE 2000/ 2000XPI

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The IMMULITE® 2000 immunoassay system has been designed specifically for optimum efficiency and consolidation in medium- and high-volume laboratories. The IMMULITE 2000 intuitive software, and graphical user interface, offers streamlined information management, from remote test ordering to sophisticated analysis of results.




Offering fully integrated operation, DPC Immulite One analyzer is greatly appreciated by clinicians and technicians. This bench top model utilizes enzyme-amplified chemiluminescent chemistry for detection of antibody or antigen.

The device offers simplicity, reliability, flexible platforms, expanded menu list and high performance features. With this device, rapid tests for cardiac biomarkers, infectious diseases, reproductive, thyroid, anemia function, diabetes, TDM, endocrinology, tumor markers, drugs of abuse, serology, allergy, and esoteric can be done in random access mode.



Versacell SMS_E0406.4

The VersaCell System transforms chemistry and/or immunoassay sample management for simple, versatile workflow consolidation. Single, consolidated workstation for effective management of peak workloads with reduced staff. Simple to operate, with a single input area for a consolidated solution. Flexible solution preserving functional independence of workstations if desired. 200 samples/hour; continuous feed; no aliquotting required.