ALOKA SSD ProSound SSD 5500 / 4000 / 1700 / 1400

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  – ALOKA ProSound SSD 5500 

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ALOKA ProSound SSD-5500 is engineered for diagnostic accuracy and comprehensive ultrasound imaging leveraged by its versatile range of radical features. Designed to raise the bar for premium image quality and flexibility, these features include high-performance Sensitive Color and Power Doppler Imaging, Pure Harmonic Detection platforms, 12-bit digital signal converter, PixelFocus, Digital Pure Beam Imaging, Quad Frequency Imaging, Dual Dynamic Display (DDD), Data Management Subsystem (DMS), Image Processing Select functionality, and Hemispheric Sound Technology probes compatibility.

Below from the left: ALOKA SSD 4000, ALOKA SSD 1700, ALOKA SSD 1400 : 

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The ProSound SSD-4000 utilizes the most advanced acoustic technologies available today, and its multidisciplinary technology architecture enables it to offer great versatility and flexibility over a wide range of clinical applications. With its new-generation, front-end technology including a 12-bit A/D converter, the ProSound SSD-4000 offers superior contrast resolution—especially when compared to 10-bit systems.      
An intelligent digital beam former supports PixelFocus™, providing precision spatial resolution down to the pixel level for improved visualization of clinical detail. The SSD-4000 utilizes newly developed Wide-band Super High-Density (W-SHD) transducers optimized for digital imaging.     

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