Hematology Analyzer with Broad Capabilities

Hematology Analyzer with Broad Capabilities

A new hematology analyzer is specifically adapted for preventive diagnostic and hematology screening with automatic results validation.

The analyzer measures 45 parameters per analysis and offers both reticulocyte and nucleated red blood cell measurement with no need for manual staining. New technology significantly reduces manual differentials in the laboratory environment, enabling scientists for the first time to automatically distinguish three different cell lines involved in leucopoiesis: myeloid, monocytic, and lymphoid.

For microscopic examination of abnormal samples, the analyzer can also incorporate an integrated slide-maker that will automatically process 120 slides an hour. This reduces diagnostic delivery time by combining automatic sampling with optimized smear parameters for high-quality blood films for automatic or manual staining. Called Pentra DX 120, the analyzer was developed by ABX Diagnostics (Montpellier, France; www,abx.com), a wholly owned subsidiary of HORIBA, a Japanese group.

“At ABX, we are developing increasingly sophisticated technology that gives rise to groundbreaking new products, such as the Pentra DX 120, which can deliver rapid, reliable, and comprehensive hematology results,” noted Pascal Berthet, ABX Diagnostics.


Image: The Pentra DX 120 hematology analyzer-(Photo courtesy of ABX Diagnostics).